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Film Room: Josh Doctson's Big Day

The doctor was in... the end zone... quite a bit on his way to a historic day in Lubbock. We take a look at some of his best moments and just what makes him so dang special.

John Weast/Getty Images

Anyone who has been paying attention to TCU football over the last 17 games knows that the Frogs have a special player in #9, senior Josh Doctson. The Fort Worth native and son of a TCU employee first ran routes at Amon G Carter as a Bleacher Creature, but has graduated from opening games to closing them out for the opponents. Saturday was no different for Doc, as he broke the hearts of the Red Raiders as well as a couple TCU school records, on his way to a career defining performance in West Texas.

The Boykin to Doctson combo was as effective as ever against Texas Tech, as the wide receiver hauled in nearly 200 yards and three touchdowns before the half time buzzer. Doc opened the scoring for TCU with a beautiful route and great grab along the back line of the end zone.

Josh starts out lined up to the right, split out with Ty Slanina (get well soon, Ty) in a second and goal situation for the Frog's first drive of the afternoon.

Josh splits to the two defenders as he runs a square in on the back line.

The inside defensive back releases off of Slanina, and for some reason, stutter steps towards the back, possibly expecting Doc to post up. But he keeps running the back line and it's just a matter of putting it up high so he can go and get it. Boykin delivers a perfect ball before the help can arrive, and it's an easy six.

On the Frogs second drive, we see a different type of route for Doctson, as he splits the seam with an inside slant off of play action. Because of his deep-ball prowess, it's easy for him to get the defender committed to a back pedal, and a quick cut in nets him catch number four and another first down for TCU.

Josh Doctson can out-jump you. He can out-physical you. And, he can out run you. On the Frog's second scoring drive of the day, he did just that - to the tune of 36 yards.

With such a varied skill set, it's somewhat amazing when Doc finds a way to amaze us. He did that in quarter number two, combing his speed and strength with his smarts, luring a defender to a near dead stop with this nifty move on a Boykin Bomb for a 52 yard touchdown, his second score of the half:

The most amazing thing about Doctson might just be his reliability; with the clock winding down towards the half, the Frogs faced a daunting third and 23 from their own 43 yard line. Josh lines up on the outside in the five wide, empty set, the widest wide out on the triplet side. A stutter step inside combined with a swim move to buy him a step outside, and Doctson is able to sky up and pull in the bullet pass right at the yard marker.

Ultimately, Josh Doctson's unique combination of size, strength, and speed make him a special talent at TCU and over all of college football. TCU will need another big time performance for their prime time player as the wide receiving corps is the latest group to be hit hard with the injury bug. With Slanina out for the duration, Porter likely to miss at least a couple games, and Listenbee's status for Saturday in doubt, Doc's number will likely be called multiple times against UT.