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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 5

TCU has been dropping in the human polls every week, are they still on top in the Power Rankings?

The upset slipped right off of Tech's fingertips
The upset slipped right off of Tech's fingertips
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Seven Big 12 teams in action, including two undefeated squads going head to head in Lubbock made for an interesting week of ranking, particularly when it came down to what to do with OSU and Texas' controversial showdown.  Don't worry, all shall be ranked!

1.) TCU Horned Frogs (4-0, 1-0), previous ranking: #1

Miserable officiating abounded on both sides of the ball, but in the end the Frogs came out of the Twilight Zone with a win over Tech in Lubbock- not only their first win there since 1991 but it gave TCU back to back wins over the Red Raiders for this first time since the 1971-1972 seasons.  So... yes, that's a big deal.  Tech looked like a much improved team on both sides of the ball, but TCU's power pair of Trevone Boykin and Josh Doctson was simply too good to overcome (and thank you to Aaron Green as well) and as result, the Frogs still have the best resume in the Big 12 with two very impressive road wins.
Next week: Vs. Texas Longhorns

2.) Oklahoma Sooners, (3-0), previous ranking: #2

The Sooners had the week off and a good thing too, as they host the Power Rankings #3 team this week.  Time to start earning the loft rankings again, Stoops and company.
Next week: Vs. West Virginia Mountaineers

3.) West Virginia Mountaineers (3-0), previous ranking: #4

The Mountaineers are the most interesting team in the Big 12 right now, as they've looked simply fantastic and have a P5 scalp to their name- but none of their opponents have looked very good.  Are the Mountaineers a good bowl team or are they a contender for the championship?  We'll start to find out this week.
Next week: @ Oklahoma Sooners

4.) Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-1), previous ranking: #3

The Raiders pulled their usual magic when a top ranked team comes to town, giving TCU all that they could handle and coming a fingertip away from pulling an upset that would have made Kliff Kingsbury a legend.  As it is however, the Raiders still have a P5 road win and an offense that is growing ever more dangerous as Patrick Mahomes may grow into the best QB that Tech has seen since... well, their coach.  This week will be a big one for the Raiders, as we'll see quickly whether their loss this week is going to fire them up or leave them deflated as they clash with Baylor.
Next week: vs. Baylor Bears (@ Arlington)

5.) Baylor Bears (3-0), previous ranking: #6

The Bears make a hop in the rankings not because of what they did to Rice, we all knew that was going to happen, but simply because Oklahoma State doesn't look nearly as legit as they did last week.  Baylor did the Baylor thing to their non-conference schedule as we've come to expect, but now is the time when their new quarterback will actually be facing challenges and the defense will be going up against opponents that have legitimate threats.  Are these Bears as good as the title sharers from last year, or is it time for a step back?
Next week: Vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders (@ Arlington)

6.) Oklahoma State Cowboys (4-0, 1-0), previous ranking: #5

The Cowboys did what they were expected to do, coming out of Austin undefeated, but again the offense looked absolutely abysmal and they needed a ton of help not only from their defense, but from the officials to escape Austin unscathed.  Record wise, OSU is a top contender in the Big 12 race, but power wise, there's not anything about this team which people should be overly scared of.
Next week: Vs. Kansas State Wildcats.

7.) Texas Longhorns (1-3, 0-1), previous ranking: #7

Of all the fanbases in the Big 12, Texas is generally the team people would least expect would get into an uproar over questionable calls- for the simple reason that the calls have (historically) gone in favor of the Longhorns more often than not in the past (just ask Iowa State).  Saturday, however, things went wrong in Austin, and the amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth that comes with being on the wrong end of one of of those has been palpable on the burnt orange areas of the internet- particularly on Barking Carnival, where they're in full conspiracy mode.  All that aside, Texas came out on the short side in the win column, but they showed as a team that they are, at the least, equal to OSU in just about every respect.  The defense is still young and mistake prone, and Jerrod Heard is much more of a dangerous runner than an actual dual threat, but they are definitely getting better with each passing week.  Be thankful that we play them now, not when they're at full power later in the season.
Next week: @ TCU Horned Frogs

8.) Kansas State Wildcats (3-0), previous ranking: #8

Kansas State didn't play, but as the teams above them played decently well and the teams below them played... less well, they remain in place.  Hooray consistency!  Hopefully the wizard has had some time to make some changes on offense in the bye week.
Next week: @ Oklahoma State Cowboys

9.) Iowa State Cyclones (1-2), previous ranking: #9

The Cyclones didn't lose this week!  If they keep that up next week, they'll ensure that they don't spend the season in the basement of the power rankings- if they lose, that will probably be it for embattled head coach Paul Rhoads.  No pressure, Paul!
Next game: Vs. Kansas Jayhawks.

10.) Kansas Jayhawks (0-3), previous ranking: #10

The Jayhawks are a dumpster fire that has pretty well burned out, leaving only the charred ash of garbage and a few starters behind, while Rutgers is a dumpster fire of a program who still has a roster of players yet to burn- but burn they certainly shall.  If this game were played again in two years I would take Kansas without hesitation, but for now they may well be the worst P5 team in the nation.
Next game: @ Iowa State Cyclones.

Agree?  Disagree?  Think I can come up with other, better metaphors for how bad the Kansas Jayhawks are?  Let me know!