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3rd Best Play of the Year

High fives all around.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Hello again everyone, sorry for the long hiatus, but with the whole Boykin-gate and then the madness that was the Alamo Bowl, it just didn't feel right to post a play like this, in fear of bad taste. However, time heals all wounds so have no fear, for the list is back! I know you all have been dying to see how it all ends. Alright, let's jump right into it!

3) Trevone Boykin's juke circus followed by a high five against WVU

There's happy feet and then there's this. I don't know what it is, but for the past two years Trevone Boykin likes to do incredible and jaw-dropping things during the annual black out game. Normally when a player makes a big time play, he is congratulated by his teammates, the fans, and his coach. However, this season Boykin was anything but normal and this play was so spectacular that even the other team's head coach couldn't deny giving him some props.

For a majority of the season TB shined week after week, leading the Frogs to blowout wins over some Big 12 opponents, and nail biting, come from behind victories over others. On this list I've recalled moments that showed off his athleticism, showed off his ability to lead the Frogs to victory, but this moment is just all about Trevone Boykin's awesomeness. This play shows why, in my opinion, he was the best player in college football for the first 10 weeks of the season (albeit Deshaun Watson is like his long lost brother). In fact, WVU's head coach agrees with me.

Alright let's try and break this one down with some help from what was going through my mind when this happened:

Trevone takes the snap, a defensive lineman gets into the backfield, Boykin quickly spins away from him.

Me: "Oh nice evasion, Tre!"

Two more defenders charge at Trevone while he is behind the line of scrimmage. He makes the first one miss with some fancy footwork.

Me: "Right on old sport!"

He then side steps the second defender who is diving at him.

Me: "Elementary my dear Watson."

The other defender comes back and attempts to dive at Boykin's feet, but Boykin is too elusive for him yet again.

Me: "Ya this guy might be special."

The last poor soul tries to make a tackle by reaching out his arm at Boykin, but TB is so kind that he hands out another juke as if he was Oprah handing out keys to a brand new car.

Me: *Takes off glasses, rubs them to make sure that they are working properly and what I saw was real life and not an illusion* "Yup, they work fine."

Boykin runs out of bounds, looks at West Virginia's head coach, who walks over whilst shaking his head and laughing, and offers TB a high five. Naturally, Trevone doesn't leave him hanging.

This play just serves as another reminder that even though we may have players in the future that have more stars than Boykin did and may even take us to places that Boykin never could, he will always be that player that is one in a million.

- Thanks again for all of your hard work, TB.

P.S. Watch Kyle Hicks just flatten a West Virginia lineman at about the 5 second mark.