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The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad game: BU 82, TCU 54

The Frogs hit the road in Waco and hung tough... for a little less than a half. After that, not so much.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

A short wrapup for this one, as events simply don't warrant much more thought on this one than absolutely has to be expended.  TCU got absolutely trounced in this one, and that's apparent in absolutely every area of the box score- Baylor shot 63% from the floor, outrebounded the Frogs by 13 and added 15 points from free throws to TCU's 5.  The Frogs defense, which was stalwart in the win over Texas, was slow to adjust to Baylor's spacing and far too often left the Bears with easy lanes to the basket (and open threes, though Baylor mercifully only shot 42% from three- a high percentage, but from how open they often were, this is actually a good thing) and the offense bogged down and slowed down, but not to the point where it seemed to impact Baylor's momentum.  And yet... somehow TCU lef by 4 with about four minutes to play in the first half.  After that... just... no.  I will leave it to Andrew to draw more conclusions from this one, but I am officially to the point where I am questioning if Trent Johnson is the coach who can lead TCU basketball out of mediocrity.