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VOTE: TCU Athletes of the Year, Best Individual Performances

We're changing things up because we want you to be happy.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It's always good to get feedback, and it's even better to listen to said feedback. So, know that I've heard you, Frog fans, because we're changing up the End of Year Awards a bit. Now, you'll vote for who you think deserves to be the Player of the Year for each sport (and I mean each sport), and you'll vote for one player to be the TCU Athlete of the Year.

This way, deserving athletes from every squad are recognized for their outstanding 2015 performances.

Beyond just submitting a player for each sport, you'll also have the opportunity to nominate individual performances that occurred in 2015. So, if you really think Preston Morrison should be the Baseball Player of the Year, but you want to recognize an outstanding single-game performance from Cody Jones, you can do that. (NOTE: for individual performances, please put the player's name AND the opponent.)

The ball is in your court, Frog fans. So get your forms filled out before Friday.

(NOTE: In order to keep people from voting 1,000 times to sway things in favor of one person or another, you'll have to log-in to a Google account to vote. If you don't have one, signing up is incredibly quick and easy.)