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Frogs O'War Podcast: 1/18/15

POD BACK–The 'Bram' movie talk, Big 12 Expansion and Championship game updates, (kinda) previewing the 2016 depth chart, and pouring one out for now-defunct TCU bars.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The pod is back this week. A lot's happened in the one week absence; Big 12 expansion and Championship talk, among other things. We also begin to tease the depth chart for 2016, talk The Bachelor and give our wish list for the Bram movie.


0:00-3:25, National Championship Talk

3:25-35:30, Big 12 Championship, Expansion–destruction?

35:30-54:50, 2016 Depth Chart

54:54-End, 'Bram' movie casting wish list

Listen below or find it on iTunes: