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Kolby Griffin's Path to the Draft

The former Frog, and NFL hopeful, stopped by to talk about chasing his dreams, his path to the draft, and his time post-TCU.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most beloved figures in recent TCU history, defensive back Kolby Griffin is universally touted among Frog fans. The class of 2011 corner signed with Gary Patterson out of St. Pius X High School in Houston, where he earned a spot on the Top 100 recruits in Texas list, and was a multi-time All District performer. Choosing the Frogs over offers from Arkansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, and others, Griffin redshirted his first year on campus, and would see action in multiple games each season over the next three. Upon graduating in 2015, Griffin decided to pursue a post-grad year at Kentucky State. He is now working towards pursuing his dream of playing football professionally, and stopped by to tell us a little bit about what that process looks like.

First of all, can you catch up the TCU fans a little on what you've been doing since graduating last spring? You spent the season at Kentucky State, what was that experience like?

Well since graduating, I enrolled into graduate school at KSU a HBCU in Frankfort Kentucky. It was definitely different going from a powerhouse D1 to a small D2. However, I am very grateful to KSU for giving me a chance to continue playing football.

You'll be playing in the Dream Bowl Monday night (Kolby played in the game on January 18th). How did you get involved with that organization, and what has it been like being a part of the community for the long weekend?

The Dream Bowl got in touch with me after we played Central State in the Circle City Classic in Lucas Oil Stadium. I had one of my better games and ended up scoring a touchdown and earned an invite to the game. It's been a great opportunity; I've met many players from across the country and got to meet former pro DB Ken Hamlin as well as had interviews with the Chargers and the Jets.

What does a practice look like for an event like the Dream Bowl? You have players from all over the country coming together and playing in a system they may not be familiar with; how much time is spent on scheming or game planning, or is it a more simple structure?

Well it's usually broken down into two separate practices the first practice mode is all competition to showcase individual talents. This includes 1 on 1s, 7 on 7, Oklahoma, etc. then the 2nd practice of the day is all install and learning the system. It's usually kept pretty simple since there are only two days to install it .

Outside of yourself, is there one player you worked with this past weekend you think has a chance to continue his career in the pros?

Miles Grooms is a defensive end from Hampton who ended up being the Defensive MVP I played against him this season at KSU. He's a dominant player.

What's next for you? After this game, how will you go about continuing your preparation for the draft? Is it more challenging to prepare without a team or coach around you? What does a typical day look like now?

Now it is time to go back to Houston and continue training. I have a personal trainer and train with a group of about 5-6 guys . I get up every morning at 7 and cook breakfast and run then drive across town to be at training by 11. Training is done by 2 so drive back to my house then lift at night . In a few weeks I'll be volunteering my time at my high school alma mater as a assistant coach.

What is one thing you want TCU, and football fans in general, to know about you as a person or as a player? What is the biggest attribute you feel you can bring to an NFL team?

The biggest thing I want people to say about me is that I took advantage of the chances I had and worked my tail off every chance I had. That I care more about the team than myself and I just want to win and will do whatever it takes . I bring versatility to an NFL team I can play any position in the secondary. I'm tough. Always played through injuries . Even played through pneumonia at TCU. I believe I'm willing to sacrifice my body more than anybody else just for a chance to play this game and that's what sets me apart. Not my talent, size , etc but my attitude about the game.

You can help Kolby reach his dream by supporting him through his GoFundMe Account or by purchasing a shirt through Cloverville Clothing Company, who is donating 15% of every purchase of this shirt to Kolby's cause (I bought one, they are super soft!).

Next up for Griffin is the NFL Regional Combine in New Orleans in March, where he will try and get the attention of scouts and agents with other area hopefuls. Once a Frog, always a Frog, and Kolby Griffin was an exemplary member of the Football program and the TCU community, on and off the field. Best of luck to him on his journey!