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Frogs O'War Podcast–Recruiting Podcast, Part I.

Eights days from signing day, we're happy to have Brad Hardcastle from Scout on the podcast to discuss recruiting. And, as always, we're happy to have FELTS check in on TCU basketball.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

We're eight days form National Signing Day, and at this point, the Frogs are putting the finishing touches on an already brilliant class. So, who's left to get? Who are the biggest "gets" of 2016? Who's the biggest sleeper? And is D'andre Christmas-Giles the best name in the history of the sport? You'll be able to find out all of these things on Part I of the Crootin' Series. And, as a dynamite bonus, we brought Andrew THE GOD Felts to check in on TCU basketball.

Remember, you can listen below or find us (and subscribe) on iTunes.


0-8:40: Opening, Texas Rangers and Astros talk, "you shouldn't tweet at recruits, but people are going to do it anyway"

8:41-36:11: Bradley Hardcastle–crootin' talks

36:12-40:00: Meta intermission

40:00-End: Andrew Felts, TCU Basketball talk