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The Internet Wins the Alamo Bowl: Best Memes from Saturday Night

The Internet was, as the young people like to say, "lit."

Of course I join the fun.
Of course I join the fun.
Samantha Calimbahin

After a week of blowout snooze fests by way of bowl games, the Alamo Bowl finally delivered the close game college football fans craved. TCU went from goose egg to a 47-41 comeback win over Oregon, and naturally, the Internet went wild.

Here's a smorgasbord of the best stuff we saw Saturday night:

While we spent the first half rolling in the dirt...

Then things started turning around...

It's not complete without a crying Michael Jordan, is it?

And TCU wins!

(Thanks Deanna Kelley-Hill for this one!)

And, finally, I make my own contribution to the fun:

Bravo, Internet. You're Da Real MVP.