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Two quarters isn't enough: OU 52, TCU 46

After racing out to an early lead, TCU mounted a frantic fourth quarter comeback (again) but fell short.

OU brought consistent effort and play, TCU did not.
OU brought consistent effort and play, TCU did not.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

TCU's Jekyll and Hyde act continued this week, the only difference being that the Frogs actually started the game well in this one, taking a 21-7 lead at the end of the first quarter.  Despite that fortuitous change in form for the TCU offense, the demons of the past games were rearing their heads, as OU was set up on the goal line at the start of the second quarter, and as TCU started to sputter on offense OU hit the throttle, pounding the Frogs defense relentlessly and racking up the next six touchdowns with only a TCU field goal off of a Mayfield fumble for the Frogs to feel good about in the second and third quarters.  OU came to play, and were absolutely determined to not get blown out again despite the early adversity, and the TCU offense played into their hands, ignoring the quick routes and tempo that were working well until the fourth quarter in favor of low percentage big plays.  Of particular note is that Diarse was targeted just once all game, which is... simply unfathomable.  Yes, TCU showed tremendous heart and fight in coming back once again, but they let the hole get far too deep before they started to climb out of it, leaving not nearly enough time for the TCU offense to push things in the fashion that they're comfortable with, mixing zone running with quick passing to set up deep shots.

Your culprits are the usual- sloppy tackling by the defense, inconsistent playcalling by the offense, penalties on the o-line that got the Frogs backed up and everyone wearing black- did we learn nothing from the Alamo Bowl?

The other writers will be in to pretty this up later, but for now it's time to start being frustrated- This team is capable of doing anything that they want if they play with 100% effort and consistency from kickoff to the final whistle, but I still have no belief that they can do that yet.  Let's see some better effort next time, guys.

Go Frogs.