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TCU News: More Expansion Opinions

The Big 12 will vote on expansion in the coming days; what will they decide?

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There should be no expansion in sight for the Big 12, college football's weakest power conference | Sports Day

With the vote impending... here we go again...

Oklahoma president David Boren has flip-flopped on expansion in recent weeks. He has responded to UT's support of the University of Houston with outright disdain. This man once said the conference was "psychologically disadvantaged" because of only having 10 schools. Now he believes there's no need for expansion.

Thursday Thoughts: College football must consider expansion in playoff format | Daily Cardinal

As if expansion talk wasn’t fun enough, let’s go ahead and talk about how TCU should have made the playoffs in 2014 again... :-/

Those three teams could have played with anyone in the nation. A first-round matchup between Oregon and Baylor would have been an unbelievably fun shootout. If TCU had played OSU in a quarterfinal, its potent offense might have crushed the Buckeyes’ title hopes before they even got started. And if the Horned Frogs could beat-up on Ole Miss as badly as they did, they certainly could have played with the Crimson Tide. There’s no reason they shouldn’t have gotten a shot to become champions.

Munday taking TCU approach to defense | Abilene Reporter News

Pretty cool story about a high school team switching to the 4-2-5, and leaning on the TCU staff, and former Frog L.J. Collier, to guide them through the process.

"L.J. came down and helped us — mainly on the defensive line," senior linebacker/safety Heath Bivins said. "We have a new defensive call every play, and L.J. helped us out with that. The line is always doing something different, the linebackers are always doing something different and the secondary is always doing something different."

The Munday staff admittedly had some learning to do as well and did so firsthand by attending practices and sitting in on a few meetings at TCU.

Heading into a Bye Week, TCU Croaks Beneath Preseason Hype | Texas HS Football

Well, this is scathing. But it’s based on preseason expectations, and doesn’t factor in the limitations of the roster.

TCU’s recent defensive slump is inexcusable. Their 30 points and 423.8 yards allowed per game are the worst numbers in the Coach Patterson era — a supposed defensive mastermind who has lost his ability to keep opponents points off the scoreboard. It’s been since 2010 that they limited opponents to under 100 yards rushing per game. Despite their inability to stop a score, TCU somehow ranks third in the Big 12 in total defense — a telling statistic that portrays how poorly the conference is competing this season. Their third-down stops is the Judas kiss to the team’s winning aspirations; TCU ranks second-to-last amongst the Big-12 in third-down defense, allowing 43.3% conversion.


Bears look to defeat heated rivals in TCU | Baylor Lariat

This rivalry stretches beyond the football field. The Frogs have never beat the Bears, and are looking for their first conference win of the season.

The Baylor soccer team (10-4-1, 3-1-1) is looking to take down one of its biggest rivals of the season, the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs (8-2-2, 0-2-1). Between the two teams, Baylor leads the all-time record at 9-0-3 against TCU.