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TCU News: So You’re Saying There’s a Chance?

Or there isn’t. Expansion is a mess, but it’s WVU hate week so who cares.

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TCU vs. Texas Tech gets 2:30 p.m. kickoff at Amon Carter Stadium | The Star-Telegram

Will the Frogs get another night game this year? It’s looking less likely.

TCU will come home next week to a 2:30 p.m. kickoff Oct. 29 against Texas Tech at Amon G. Carter Stadium.

The game will be shown on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2, the league announced Monday.

TCU’s Patterson says money drives conference expansion decisions | The Star-Telegram

In related news, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Baylor still sucks.

“I’m kind of the wrong person to talk to when it comes to that kind of stuff, because to me, you add championship games, you add people, we all need to just call it what it is — it’s about money,” he said during the weekly coaches conference call with reporters. “It’s not about you match teams and universities that make you better. If we can do that, then I’m all for it. If not, then I’m not.”

West Virginia vs. TCU Prediction, Game Preview | Campus Insiders

WVU will be favored at home, though they have never beat the Frogs in Morgantown.

The Mountaineers are hot, confident and back home, the catalysts of another important step toward a possible first-ever Big 12 crown. The Frogs can certainly be dangerous, thanks to their pass rush and offensive balance. But West Virginia is up for the challenge, because it can spread the ball around and make stops as well. In fact, it has the better all-around D, despite the dearth of household names. Howard will exploit the TCU secondary, with help from a clean pocket and receivers Shelton Gibson and Daikiel Shorts. And the defense will frustrate Hill into forced throws, two of which will result in costly turnovers.

It’s mid-October, and the West Virginia Mountaineers still control their own destiny | SB Nation

Your Big 12 title favorite? If they get past the Frogs Saturday, the Eers will certainly look the part, especially with both OU and Baylor making the trip east this season.

TCU, Oklahoma, and finally Baylor all have to come to Mountaineer Field. There is a possibility that both Baylor and West Virginia could come into that final week matchup undefeated. If that were to occur, not only would the conference championship be on the line, but also a berth in the College Football Playoff. It goes without saying that this is a dream scenario for the Mountaineers, the Bears, and the Big 12 conference.

Texas bootprint on college football: NCAA's top three passers hail from Lone Star State | Sports Day

The Lone Star State continues to produce stars; the bummer here is that several of them are playing college ball out of state. This article doesn’t even mention J.T. Barrett at OSU.

Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes from Whitehouse leads the nation with 2,274 yards and is first averaging 454.8 yards per game. Cal's Davis Webb of Prosper is second at 2,256 yards, and TCU's Kenny Hill from Southlake is third at 2,142.

Around the Conference:

Fifteen month odyssey reveals more Big 12 issues | ESPN

I am strictly in the no expansion camp, but this whole circus was a bad look for the Big 12.

The Big 12, meanwhile, spent a lot of time and money to keep the status quo.

"It was a deliberate process, one that included a lot of people," Bowlsby said. "It was a lot more public than a lot of these other processes have been."

Meanwhile, there's an imprint in all of our couches, in the shape of a former Oklahoma governor and senator and current university president.

Big 12 Expansion: Fateful decisions for Texas, OU and Hateful Eight | HookEm

OH. So now it’s everyone BUT Texas and OU’s fault. Ok, Kirk. Like they weren’t part of the no contingent. SMH.

That’s not a healthy environment for what I will call the other eight schools — the Hateful Eight, if you will. Oh, they may not hate it now. Many of their predecessors did, which is why Texas A&M, Nebraska, Missouri and Colorado call other conferences home. They left because they had options.

The Hateful Eight has only one option. Two, if you count prayer.

The one is expansion. They need to grow to look out for their own welfare and best interests because they’re fools if they think the Longhorns and Sooners are going to.

And the Kansases and Baylors and Texas Techs have leverage. For maybe the only time in the history of the league.

It takes eight votes to expand, and they hold eight votes. That, my friends, is real clout.

Houston, BYU, UConn and others release statements on Big 12 non-expansion | NBC Sports

In the ‘You mad, bro’ category, these schools are. And they have every right to be.

“The Big 12’s decision in no way changes the mission of the University of Houston that began long before there was talk of conference expansion. UH is a diverse Tier One research institution that is on the move,” Cougars president Renu Khator said in a statement. “We remain committed to strengthening our nationally competitive programs in academics and athletics that allow our student-athletes to compete on a national stage. We are confident that in this competitive athletics landscape, an established program with a history of winning championships and a demonstrated commitment to talent and facilities in the nation’s fourth largest city will find its rightful place. Our destiny belongs to us.”