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TCU Random Fact of the Week: TCU’s Career Interceptions Leader

Who’s thrown the most interceptions at TCU ever? It’s not who you think...

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We know, we’s a tough life out there for Kenny Hill. While he’s put up some great numbers overall in passing and rushing touchdowns, there’s one stat that’s not as pretty: Interceptions.

Hill has thrown eight interceptions so far this season, which averages out to 1.33 interceptions per game — Iowa State was the one game in which Hill wasn’t picked off. In all the other games, he’s had at least one. The most was against Kansas two weeks ago, where he threw three.

But all that aside, let us not forget the quarterback that leads TCU in career interceptions. Any idea who that might be?

Yup, Slingin’ Sammy Baugh leads TCU with 54 passes intercepted during his time at TCU. He even threw six interceptions in a game against Texas A&M in 1936.

So it goes to show that you can make mistakes but still come out a TCU legend (and we mean a good kind of legend).

But seriously, though. Interceptions are bad. Very bad.