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TCU vs. West Virginia Game Thread: 3 things to watch

Can TCU upset the No. 12 Mountaineers?

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

TCU and West Virginia are about to kick off. Here are three things to look for as we get ready for this one.

1. Will Turpin, Schlottman, Lewis play today?

According to Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star Telegram all three were dressed out and warming up. That's not a giveaway that they'll all play, but it is a good sign.

2. Can TCU's defense contain West Virginia's running game?

If TCU can slow down West Virginia on the ground and get off the field on third downs, it'll give their offense a chance to put points on the board.

3. Can the offense find some consistency?

Getting Schlottman and Turpin back would be a massive injection of energy for this offense, but even if they don't play, this squad has had a bye week to try and get things right. If they can, and they're consistently putting points on the board, the Frogs could come away with a W.

Stick around and chat as we all watch the game together.

Go Frogs!