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Texas Tech Red Raiders @ TCU Horned Frogs Pointsthread

Game time in Fort Worth as the Raiders bring a year's worth of resentment from Aaron Green's toe tap with them into the West Texas Showdown

A picture is worth a thousand points.
A picture is worth a thousand points.
John Weast/Getty Images

Since TCU's ever so enjoyable 82-27 scorched earth destruction of Tech in 2014 there has been one certainty when these teams meet on the field- points are coming. Last year's TCU-Tech game set a Las Vegas record for over/under (that has since been broken), yet they passed it with ease- the points would not be denied. And that was last year- this year TCU's young defense has given up points by the bushel and regularly busts coverages, while this year's Texas Tech's defense is so bad that there would likely not be a discernible difference to their on-field production if they simply didn't make the trip to Fort Worth at all. With the exception of West Virginia (for both teams), both offenses have consistently put up points by the bushel as well- so what happens when two (almost) irresistible forces on offenses come up against two (incredibly) movable objects? Points. Lots of them.

This is your pointsthread, for making comments on the number and fashion of the points scored, and who made each particular point. We all know the points are coming, so let's just hope that at the end of the line, TCU ends up the team with more points.

Go Frogs- make points.