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Tech 27, TCU 24: 5 Things We Learned.


NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Hatfield is not good.

We knew the kicking king game would be shaky this year, but good lord. Three missed field goals were the literal difference in the game.

2. The defense showed up

We’ve always seen TCU’s defense improve throughout seasons, and that came to fruition again today. They were solid. They harassed Mahomes. And they only gave up 27 points to arguably the best offense in college football.

3. QB controversy time

Who will start next week at Baylor? Who knows, but my guess is Foster.

4. Offenive play calling was offensive

Fades on third down will eventually give me an aneurysm.

5. Time to seriously wonder if TCU will make a bowl