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TCU News: Frogs out of wiggle room

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TCU remains in mix, but out of wiggle room, in race for Big 12 title | Fort Worth Star Telegram

The defense is not in a good way right now, but they’re holding out hope.

“The Big 12 race is still wide open. If we run the table, I think the chances are still out there to win the Big 12 title,” defensive end Josh Carraway said after Saturday’s loss included the most points allowed in regulation by a TCU defense at Amon G. Carter Stadium since the 1996 season (52 to Kansas).

Gary Patterson ‘wasn’t happy’ with officiating, calls out Baker Mayfield | ESPN

Coach Patterson was pretty worked up after the game.

"You know, it's amazing, we can't say anything, but they can do whatever they want to," Patterson said of the officials. "So I don't really care right now if the commissioner, if they don't like what I think about what happened with the officials.

"We talk about sportsmanship in this game, and I've got a quarterback that writes a whole article on me, how I treated him wrong. But I can't talk about officials. Bottom line to it is, I wasn't happy with the officiating."

Refs weren’t the only ones struggling to get it together in TCU-Oklahoma game | Dallas Morning News

Ok, Bob.

On the pivotal intentional grounding call against TCU late in the fourth quarter when it took the officials not once, not twice but three times to get it straight, Bob Stoops swears he didn’t talk anyone into anything in order to preserve Oklahoma’s wild 52-46 win over the 19th-ranked Horned Frogs.

Men’s Basketball

TCU starts practice under new coach Jamie Dixon with positive outlook | Today’s U

Jamie Dixon doesn’t want to rebuild, which sounds crazy. But he’s trying to win now to honor the effort the four seniors, Karviar Shepherd, Chris Washburn, Michael Williams, and Brandon Parrish have put into this thing.

“I want these seniors to be part of turning this thing,” Dixon said. “I’m impressed with these four guys. They’ve been through and fought through a lot. It’s easy to fight through when you’re winning 30 games and going to the NCAA Tournament. These guys have had a lot of challenges during their career.”