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Frogs O’ War Radio: Revivalry Week

Melissa and JT look back at Tech and ahead to Baylor, as well as talk to TCU legend Jaden Oberkrom.

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Jamie is off tonight, which means Melissa and JT are LIVE. WITHOUT SUPERVISION. Let’s gooooooooo!

  • So, that happened... looking back at TCU v Tech and what went wrong
  • Play calling issues: The struggle is real
  • #GiveKyleTheDamnBall?
  • Offensive Issues
  • Defense Improving?
  • Revivalry Week is upon us... can the Frogs #BeatBaylor?
  • ALSO: Jaden Oberkrom calls in to talk TCU kicking post Legatron and what he’s been up to since graduation - you’ll want to hear his story, I promise.
  • Around the Dumpster Fire Conference, aka the Big 12

CALL IN: 657-383-1319. YES YOU. CALL IN: 657-383-1319

You can listen to the show in its entirety here.