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TCU Random Fact of the Week: Davey O’ Brien’s FBI Career

The name’s O’Brien. Davey. O’Brien.

Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Davey O’Brien’s legendary career with TCU and the Philadelphia Eagles came to an end in 1940, when he decided to leave football to join the...

*cue big band*

...Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Which brings us to this week’s random fact:

Oooooh so thrilling and mysterious!

Well, maybe his FBI career wasn’t as “Hollywood-esque” as it could have been. O’Brien worked in a field office in Springfield, Mo., before moving to Quantico, Va. (oooh Quantico!) to become a firearms instructor (oooh guns!). He eventually closed out his FBI stint in Dallas and retired in 1950.

No word on whether O’Brien was part of any critical, highly classified FBI cases. I guess we’re not supposed to know.