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TCU News: Patterson regrets comments after OU loss

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TCU’s Patterson says he regrets post-OU remarks | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Patterson walked back a lot of his comments from his Oklahoma post-game press conference during his Tuesday chat with the media.

“They’re going to make mistakes. So are we,” Patterson said of the crew that worked Saturday’s game during his Tuesday news conference. “In my 19 years here, I think I can count six times that I’ve said things that, usually by the next day, I regret. That’s a good officiating crew. This game goes really fast. It’s hard to be an officiating crew any more.

“So, from a football coach, that’s probably as close to an apology as you’ll ever get.”

More ‘attention to detail’ necessary for Frogs | Dallas Morning News

The Frogs always struggle to put Kansas away easily, and the players are aware that Kansas will try to mix it up again to keep things close.

McFarland said figuring out why the Jayhawks have threatened to upset TCU the last two seasons is "the million dollar question." The last two contests have finished 34-30 and 23-17, and while TCU won both, Kansas has been a perplexing thorn in the Frogs' side. "KU always has a couple of wrinkles when they play us, and most likely it'll be the same this year," McFarland said.

TCU’s Patterson takes stock of what can still be done in 2016 | Fort Worth Star Telegram

It’s a little strange to me that he spoke so much about the new pieces on offense, almost inferring that’s why the team isn’t as good as it could be. It’s the defense that has collapsed.

“I’ve never been one where I expected certain things,” Patterson said Tuesday at his weekly media press conference. “We had too many things go on in two-a-days for me to have a grasp of what it is. And you had a new quarterback, and a new offensive line, new wide receivers.”

David Beatty hopeful QB announcement reverses course on KU football’s poor starts | Topeka Capital-Journal

The Jayhawks announced that Ryan Willis over Montrel Cozart against the Frogs.

“At this point in our season, given the variable and the circumstances that exist today, I felt like it was best for our team,” Beaty said. “I felt like it was best for Ryan and our team overall just to get out in front of this and move forward and really kind of give our guys the confidence that they need moving forward today to know where we were headed with the start of the game.”