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TCU News: Frogs Win By One


TCU Avoids Upset Defeat at Kansas 24-23 | NBC DFW

Yes, it was ugly. Yes, it was a near-disaster. But TCU escaped Lawrence with yet another close shave in a must-win game.

After two years of close calls and dashing dreams against Kansas, the TCU Horned Frogs found themselves in another tight game with the Jayhawks.

In the 2014 and 2015 matchups between the two conference foes, the games were decided by 10 points combined.

The pattern continued Saturday when TCU (4-2, 2-1 Big 12) outlasted Kansas 24-23.

National reaction: Twitter mocks TCU for close win over Kansas | Dallas Sports Day

Sure, it’s Kansas. But if you’ve watched these two teams play for the past five years, you weren’t really surprised that it was this close.

TCU had to squeak out a win against Kansas Saturday, 24-23. The Jayhawks led for the majority of the second half, and TCU Twitter was alternating between shock and dismay. National writers, meanwhile, found it amusing.

TCU takeaways: 5 things from a turnover-filled day at Kansas | The Star-Telegram

It seems as if GP is starting to put some pressure on the OC’s to slow things down a bit, and with this defense, he’s absolutely right.

TCU’s offense moves fast, which means when it goes three-and-out, it goes three-and-out fast. The defense hardly sits. “You got to get first downs. It’s OK to take three, four, five yards at a time,” Patterson said. “We don’t have to go down the field all the time.”

Kansas misses a field goal at the end, TCU hangs on to win 24-23 | USA Today

I’m certainly glad that TCU hung on, but man do I feel for badly for Matthew Wyman. Meanwhile, Patterson gave a tip of the hat to a sly former TCU coach, as Kenny Perry had him on lock all morning.

“KU has always played us hard,” TCU coach Gary Patterson said. “… I’m going to do a better job of changing my signals. I thought (defensive coordinator) Coach (Clint) Bowen and the defensive group did a great job. It’s been three years he’s done a good job on us.”


Sassin Leads Wildcats to Key Win Over TCU | K State Sports

The Frogs dropped a tough game on the road, as the Wildcats turned a pivotal third set into a win that dropped TCU to .500 in Big 12 play.

“There was tremendous volleyball being played,” said Fritz of the deuce set. “It was big for us. I felt, in that moment, that whoever was able to win that [set] was going to have tremendous momentum the rest of the match.”

Around Campus:

TCU Pi Kaps reflect on their Journey of Hope experience | TCU 360

Nice to hear some good news out of the fraternity culture at TCU, as the Pi Kaps share a story about an amazing experience two of their members shared this summer.

“We were talking to this girl who was in a car accident and was mentally disabled and couldn’t walk anymore. With the grant that [the Ability Experience] gave [the organization] they bought a harness that she could sit in and it made it so she could walk again,” said McGovern. “She was able to walk out and say bye to us at the end and that was the most moving and coolest thing I saw. I saw the direct impact on what I was biking for.”

Kansas misses a field goal at the end, TCU hangs on to win 24-

Kansas misses a field goal at the end, TCU hangs on to win 24-2