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TCU Random Fact of the Week: The Weirdo 1959 Cotton Bowl

One of TCU’s weirdest games happened 57 years ago.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some rumblings about TCU’s bowl possibilities, assuming (my apologies to an old professor of mine) the Frogs secure that one last win to be come bowl eligible.

Whatever happens, no bowl game could possibly get weirder than one played more than 50 years ago.

That sounds like a thrilling game to watch!

Hahahaha...not. Both teams were fumbling left and right (the Frogs fumbled the ball eight times, while the Falcons fumbled five), attributed to the damp field that was covered by tarp due to the snow that happened earlier that week. Missed field goals were also a big part of the game. We know what that’s like, don’t we?