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JT’s gambling jungle: chaos chaos everywhere

burn it all down

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NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was dooooppppeeeeee

the long awaited week of chaos finally came and it did not disappoint. Forget the fact that I lost my lock, we got to see three of the top four teams go down in a heap of glorious flames.

That being said I still went 2-2 which brings my season total to 6-4. I win more than I lose. If you follow my picks, you will win money. these are the undisputed facts.

Side note: TCU Basketball is currently going off at 500/1 odds to win the national championship. My advice would be to put money on it. If nothing else, you can consider your money a donation to your bookie. Bookies need love too.

Now let’s look ahead to this week

GAME ONE: Louisville (9-1, 6-1) at Houston (8-2, 5-2)

Louisville opens as a 14 point favorite. The game is at Houston and is a Thursday night game. Thursday night games are brutal to pick; unless you’re me, then it’s fine. Lamar Jackson looks to continue his Heisman campaign and Houston looks to continue to fight for a conference championship

MY PICK: Louisville

MY REASON: Lamar Jackson is ham. Houston has not been the same team since they lost to Navy and were given a middle finger (freedom rocket) from the Big 12. Herman is currently on looking to see what coaching jobs are available as well as every UT game waiting in the weeds to strike.

GAME TWO: Oklahoma State (8-2, 6-1) at TCU (5-4, 3-3)

TCU opens up as 4.5 point favorite (Lolzwut?) TCU is coming off a bye week after a beat down against the Baylor Bears. Oklahoma State is coming off a week where they beat Texas Tech after Tech missed an extra point with little time left in the game. Oklahoma State could still win out and be the Big 12 Champions. It could come down to Bedlam this year.

MY PICK: Froggies

MY REASON: TCU is like the person you are dating who treats you like garbage 95% of the time and never texts you back and then will text you out of the blue “just to see what’s up.” That is how I would describe this season. It has been one of constant let downs and yet because of what happened two weeks ago I am ready to believe in them again. I just hope I don’t text back wanting to hang out only to never hear from them again.

GAME THREE: Washington State (8-2, 7-0) at Colorado (8-2, 6-1)

The Buffs Open up as a 4.5 point favorite. Washington state has looked really solid over the season and still has their Washington rivalry game, or as it is called (Not called) The battle of Olympia, ahead of them.

MY PICK: Colorado

MY REASON: The buffs have covered in every game they have played except one, and it was a Friday night game where they have four turnovers and still won by ten points. Washington State is a good team, but I like the buffs at home.

GAME FOUR: Oklahoma (8-2, 7-0) at West Virginia (8-1, 5-1)

The Sooners open up as a 3 point favorite against West Virginia at home. Both have conference championship implications and in a crazy turn of events may have some college football playoff implications as well. (Isn’t chaos great?)

MY PICK: Oklahoma

MY REASON: Oklahoma is on a tear right now and can beat you in so many different ways. West Virginia has been able to stop people defensively but I think the high powered Sooner offense will prove to be too much for the Mountaineers this week. Plus if Semaje Perine (Benjamin Button) is back, it could be ugly. No idea if he is back or not, just wanted to make the Benjamin Button reference. Homie looks old is all I’m sayin’.

LOCK OF THE WEEK: South Florida (8-2, 5-1) at SMU (5-5, 3-3)

South Florida has played well all year and I think it will continue to be much of the same on Saturday night at Gerald Ford. Sometimes you gotta go a little off the grid for the lock. I am just trying to shake things up to get the people a lock that will actually lock.

Here’s what you do. Borrow your neighbor’s lawn mower. Sell it on craigslist. Then, continually tell him you sent it in for repairs. Use that money to fund your habit for the week.

Good Luck!