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Oklahoma State Cowboys @ TCU Horned Frogs Gamethread

The Cowboys come to Fort Worth in the hunt for the Big 12 championship, but the Frogs look to finally be clicking on both sides of the ball and are hungry for bowl eligibility... and revenge.

You can't argue with something written on a Viking's chest piece, I suppose.
You can't argue with something written on a Viking's chest piece, I suppose.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys are heading to Funkytown in control of their own destiny in the Big 12 championship race, and with an outside shot at a playoff spot- and possibly better than outside if this weekend is anything like the last one. Standing in the way of the Cowboys is a TCU squad that is just 5-4 on the year, but seems as prepared as they have been at any time this season to take on top tier opposition after ripping out and stomping on the heart of the Bears in Waco two weeks ago. In addition to the Frogs finally putting together a full game's worth of effort and the desire to get over the six win threshold, the Frogs have a motivator on their side that is even more powerful- revenge.

2015 was going so nicely before OSU came along. The Frogs were in the top 4 of every poll, rolling along undefeated and looked like they had a good chance at both earning the playoff spot they had been wrongly denied the previous year, as well as getting the Heisman into Trevone Boykin's hands. Then OSU happened, and everything went to hell. Not only did the Cowboys beat us in Stillwater, they injured the irreplaceable Josh Doctson- and the Frogs never got the magic pair of Boykin and Doctson on the field for a full game together again. Now OSU is the one coming into Fort Worth with the whole world ahead of them...

Let's break them.

This is your gamethread for live chat and analysis for TCU/OSU, comment away- I will be awake soon.

Go Frogs!