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TCU thumped by Oklahoma State 31-6

That was bad.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs have two more chances to qualify for a bowl game. Here are a a few things we learned.

  1. The Baylor win was rivalry energy

The Frogs were hyped to play Baylor and if showed. They came out completely flat against the Cowboys and got drilled. 11am starts are tough, but the Pokes managed the early start alright.

2. The offensive line was bad

Hill hardly had time to throw, and there was no space to run for Hicks and Co. The line’s poor play is part of the reason for six points scored.

3. Hill got benched?

Foster Sawyer finished the game at QB, making it the second time in three games that Hill finished the game on the sideline.

4. Playcalling is something

I just don't get the wildcat when it's forced like that. But what do I know.

5. Two more chances

The Frogs have two more shots to get win number six. They need the bowl practices, so hopefully the get one of these next two.