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The Jungle: Turkey Edition

Giving you new avenues to channel your gambling addiction around the thanksgiving table

Volunteers Serve Thanksgiving Meal To Thousands At Washington Convention Center Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Alrighty gang,

Last week I went 3-2, which puts my overall bets at 9-6. It’s like free money. The key word here being like.

It is rivalry week so I am going to do something special. I am going to give you four good rivalry games and then I am going to tell you to take the underdog. During rivalry week you have to take all your research and statistics (And believe me I do plenty) and throw it out the window. I am taking every underdog to either win or cover.

Here are the four games:

Washington (10-1, 7-1) at Washington State (8-3, 7-1) - WSU +6.5

Michigan (10-1, 7-1) at Ohio State (10-1, 7-1) - MICH +6.5

Auburn (8-3, 5-2) at Alabama (11-0, 7-0) - AUB +17.5

Florida (8-2) at Florida State (8-3) FLA +7.5

Take the points in every game.

Now to the more important part of the article: finding new ways to make some money off your relatives during the holiday

Note: This can also double as a drinking game

Bet on:

Which weird uncle will be the first to bring up politics at the dinner table

Which relative will be the first to be “over served” both in food and drink

Take the over/under on how many scoops of mashed potatoes someone will take

This is your chance to get creative. Take the knowledge that I have imparted unto you over the weeks and utilize it to your advantage. I will only take 10 percent of the winnings.

Happy Turkey Day!