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TCU Horned Frogs @ Texas Longhorns Gamethread

Black Friday has come at last, and that means the Frogs are down in Austin to attempt to secure Bowl Eligibility and set a bit of history against the Longhorns

More of this today, please.
More of this today, please.
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Black Friday, Frog family, I hope that you've had both an enjoyable Thanksgiving and a mutilation free Black Friday experience. Today's game features two teams that are no strangers to mutilation experiences this year, as the Frogs are coming off of a frustrating blowout loss to Oklahoma State, while Texas lost to... Kansas. That might indicate that the stakes aren't going to be particularly high for this one, but it couldn't actually be further from the truth- both teams will be playing hard for bowl eligibility (though the Frogs will also get a crack at Kansas State next week), and while Texas is nominally playing for Coach Charlie Strong's fate, Coach Strong is essentially Schrodinger's coach at the moment- almost certainly fired, but you can't confirm it until the season ends and you open the box. It's easy to understand fans that will get behind the Longhorns on this one, Coach Strong seems like one of the genuinely good guys in sports, and given what's happened in Waco this year, men of his caliber are sorely needed. On the other hand, this would be just the second time in series history that TCU has won three in a row over Texas, the last time occurring with a four game streak from 1935-1938...

Let's beat the stuffing out of them.

This is your gamethread for TCU/Texas, join in the comments for live chat, analysis, commiseration and (hopefully) jubilation.

Go Frogs.