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TCU Horned Frogs @ Baylor Bears Gamethread

TCU returns to Waco in dire need of a win, can the Frogs pick up their first win in McLane Stadium?

Bigger is better
Bigger is better
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Waco awaits. Once again the tie will be broken, as TCU and Baylor's series enters its 112th meeting with both teams having won 52 contests, and- at least for one more season, Baylor's offensive innovations will attempt to be checked by Patterson's defensive adjustments. In many ways this is the end of an era, as the scandal embroiled Bears program will almost certainly clean house of the remaining coaching staff, given the findings of fact Baylor released that implicate several unnamed football staffers- and if you don't name names, the only way to show the nation that the staff doesn't have any of those bad seeds left behind is to start fully anew. Thus today this final chapter, or perhaps more accurately, appendix of the Patterson/Briles rivalry.

The Bears come into the Revivalry having had their playoff aspirations dashed at Texas last week, but still are hoping for a last gasp shot at a Big 12 championship before the effects of their class attrition (and current lack of recruiting) start to take effect. Emotions will likely be riding high on both sides, as TCU attempts to salvage its season and bowl hopes, while some Bear fans are... staging a blackout to support their fired coach. Even after the Baylor administration originally attempted to ensure a schedule without a blackout to avoid this situation, the Baylor players were insistent about a black uniform game and got their way. Most Baylor fans don't support the blackout, but the fact that it's going to be their does ensure that the cloud of the scandal will be hanging in the air for this one today- for now it's best to try to focus on the fact that we need a win, and breaking the tie in our favor would be nice as well.

This is your game thread, as always, feel free to watch along and join in for live chat and analysis.

Go Frogs.