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TCU Random Fact of the Week: The Baseball Bowl Game

In our final random fact of the season, we take a look at one of TCU's early bowl games that ended with a baseball score.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian
This is a cute picture.
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Bowl week, y'all. It might not be a New Year's Six, but it's a New Year's Eve Eve, and that's pretty close.

In the spirit, let's time travel back to one of the first -- and weirdest -- bowls TCU has ever played: the 1936 Sugar Bowl.

The opponent? LSU.

The score? 3-2.


Then-LSU coach Bernie Moore blamed the low score on the rain, which created the slippery field conditions. But TCU coach Dutch Meyer called the game "finest I've ever seen played in the rain," according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Sammy Baugh was quarterback, though he didn't do much other than make a 44-yard run. The rest of the game belonged to the defense.

Crossing our fingers that the Liberty Bowl is nothing like this. (But not gonna lie, if it did, it would be funny!)