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Snyder? I hardly know her: Q&A with Bring On The Cats

A little talk with some of the purple people over at Bring on the Cats about this week’s matchup

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

This week we were lucky enough to talk with some of the people over at Bring On The Cats, who are also big fans of the color purple, about this weeks matchup with the Wildcats.

1) So how is everyone over at BOTC, and in the Little Apple in general, feeling about this game?

This game is probably a toss up. You've got two inconsistent teams with not much to play for. I think being at home might give the Frogs the edge though. -- wildcat00

I'd argue that K-State at least has sole possession of fourth place to play for, and that's not insignificant given where the Wildcats were picked to finish in the preseason polls. However, the questions surrounding just how ready to go Jesse Ertz might be temper the enthusiasm just a bit. -- Jon

2) Congratulations on Bill Snyder reaching his 200th win, the man is truly a wizard! That being said, what magic tricks is he going to have to pull out of his windbreaker this weekend to get the W in Fort Worth?

Bill Snyder will not-so-magically remember some obscure rule that results in KSU getting the ball in scoring range and will change the tenor of the game. Resistance is futile. You will be Snyder'd. -- wildcat00

3) Who is one offensive player and one defensive player that TCU fans should be sure to watch out for in this one?

Offense: Alex Barnes, assuming he gets used like he was in the second half of the Baylor game (the staff has been pretty much all over the place on using him). He's a power-back with shiftiness and a decent high-gear. He can push the pile and run you over, or just slide past you and leap into the end-zone. He is easily the most complete back that Snyder has had since Daniel Thomas.

Defense: Most would say Jordan Willis, but that's too obvious. Elijah Lee is the enforcer in the middle for the Cats defense. He's solid against the run and can cover receivers over the middle. He's caught more interceptions than any linebacker under Bill Snyder, and he has legitimate sideline-to-sideline coverage. You may remember Arthur Brown, well imagine that, but bigger and with better coverage skills. -- JT Van Gilder

4) Tyler Lockett was one of my favorite college players of all time. He was dynamic, versatile, and a stud play maker (I miss him so). Is there any player on the roster right now that you think is even remotely close to being the big time player that Lockett was? If not is there a player that you think could be in the future?

Alex Barnes, aka The Answer. -- wildcat00

Barnes is a redshirt freshman running back who didn't start getting regular carries until the end of October, and all he's done since then is average over seven yards a touch and has not been brought down behind the line of scrimmage even once. And did you see that Superman dive to the pylon last week? -- Jon

5) Are there any TCU players that you think are going to cause significant problems for the Cats this weekend?

I think Kenny Hill's ability to go up top and beat K-State deep (with Turpin or Taj Williams) could be the difference. OU and Oklahoma State killed our otherwise stout defense with big pass plays. Heck, even KU had some success there. -- wildcat00

6) If Ertz isn't healthy and ready to go this weekend, are we going to have to subject ourselves to watching Joe Hubener take snaps behind center or does Bill have a different plan? I have nothing against the Hubenator personally, he's probably a really nice guy, but I can't stand his inability to really sling it farther than 7 yards down field (a la Brock Osweiler).

As we saw last week, plan C is apparently Alex Delton running the zone read on every single play and still managing 4.5 yards per carry even though Kansas had to know he wasn't throwing. In other words, yes. If Ertz is broken, you get a steady diet of Hubes. Sorry. At least next year, we won't have to burn Skylar Thompson's redshirt just to save you from the horror. He's an actual four-star. -- Jon

7) Do you believe that Kenny is Trill? How would you compare his play to that of Jesse Ertz this year?

Hell no, he is most definitely not a Trill. It's obvious by the complete lack of spots on his face and neck. -- Purple Brunette

I thought about giving you a serious answer to this, but I'm too busy gawking at PB's blatant nerditry. -- Jon

8) Alright, let's hear your verdict. How is this game going to play out and which purple team do you have coming out on top?

TCU 27, K-State 24. -- wildcat00

I don't think she's had enough homerade today. -- JT

But she may be right. -- Jon

9) Did Dez catch it?

It's the Cowboys...who cares. Did you see that Cairo Santos field goal Sunday night?!?! -- JT

10) Favorite non KSU vs TCU, TCU game of the past several years?

That time TCU beat Wisconsin. Because Wisconsin. -- wildcat00

The Wisconsin Rose Bowl, because K-State fans really hate Wisconsin for Decades of Completely Justifiable Reasons, and because of Little Sisters of the Poor, and TANK CARDER GOT A HAND ON IT, and the frog with a rose in its teeth, and just everything. -- Jon

11) Favorite non Kansas State player in all of college football right now?

Not an objective opinion, but the Gophers' Emmit Carpenter was just named Big Ten Kicker of the Year, and I have a real soft spot for kickers. -- wildcat00

She also has a real soft spot for all Gophers. I, on the other hand, have a mancrush on San Diego State RB Donnell Pumphrey, who doesn't get nearly the attention he deserves. -- Jon

12) Best thing to do in the Little Apple when visiting?

Aggieville, obviously. Not just for the bars, there are some great restaurants and shops in the 'Ville. There are often bands, everything from country to metal, and if you are there Friday night before a K-State home game you'll get treated to the sounds of The Pride of Wildcatland.

If crowds aren't your scene, then take a walk around K-State's campus. It's very well maintained, and designed with the pedestrian in mind. Lots of green space, trees, and wide sidewalks. The buildings are all* built with native Flint Hills limestone, and many of the older buildings (several built before and right at the turn of the 20th century are still in heavy use) are currently being beautified and renovated (*two dorms aren't, but they're weird anyway). -- JT

13) Is every man truly a wildcat?

EMAW isn't just a phrase, it's a way of life. EMAW is purple pride, it's #FAMILY, it's hard work and determination, it's the legacy of accomplishment we leave to the next generation, and more; EMAW symbolizes the combination of the K-State fanbase and alumni in the "K-State Way." And even though a couple crazies tried to get it changed to "person" becuase "man" wasn't inclusive enough, Wildcat Nation knows "man" stands for everyone. -- JT

14) Okay I have to ask, has the band one-up'd its unforgettable performance, from last year, this season? I truly think that was a great homage to boldly going where no man has gone before.

After the ridiculous way the K-State AD went out of it's way to prostrate itself and throw the band under the bus after that nonsense, it's been a lot more vanilla for The Pride. No crazy formations, no jabs at anything, just good-old-fashioned geometric shapes (except for Ft. Riley Day, but tanks are awesome to everyone). From a band-view, they are still doing tough and innovative things, but those things don't translate to regular football fans saying "boy, that's a cool spaceship." -- JT