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MMQB: Meow

This space is typically reserved for thoughts about TCU’s most recent football game. Today I wish it wasn’t.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Christian Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

As I stood there in the rain watching TCU get dismantled by Kansas State on Saturday, I thought about what I was going to write for this post. We’ll keep it short and sweet this time around.

The Good

Adam Nunez had a good (and busy) day.

The Bad

Foster Sawyer got the start in place of a banged up Kenny Hill. He completed 48% of his passes for 86 yards and an interception. Eventually, Hill hobbled back on to the field. Kenny managed to run around a bit, but the game was well out of reach by the time he entered the fray.

On a day that was so cold and rainy, one team had the right game plan, and it wasn’t TCU.

Kansas State ran the ball 51 times for 336 yards and three touchdowns while attempting just 21 passes. TCU ran the ball 37 times while throwing it 36. This game was, of course, eight days removed from TCU finding success on the ground to the tune of 309 yards and four touchdowns.

The .500 Squad

TCU went 4-2 in their first six, and just capped a 2-4 back half of the season. This team was mediocre in almost every way possible. Inconsistent passing defense (until guys got healthy), inconsistent pass rush, inconsistent tackling, inconsistent passing, inconsistent receiving, inconsistent run game, inconsistent line play, inconsistent kicking.

The What Could Have Been

Stats like this make me crazy.

It doesn’t excuse the multitude of bad passes Hill had this season, but just say, like, 25 of those were caught. Could be the difference between 6-6 and 9-3, when you consider that TCU lost three games (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech), by a combined 12 points.

The Give Me Liberty

For this team, at this time, Georgia is a good opponent, and the Liberty Bowl is a decent destination.

I’ve always been fond of Memphis, having family there, and it’ll be fun to see the Frogs play the Dawgs.

TCU fans better be ready to see Georgia run it, though, because with Nick Chubb and Sony Michael why would you do anything else.