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20 TCU Gifts You Never Knew You Needed

Your guide to quirky and cool TCU stuff that you really don’t need but actually do.

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports / Edit by Samantha Calimbahin

‘Tis the season for bowl games and gift exchanges. And if your friends are real friends, they’re cheering for TCU and expecting you to get TCU-related gifts for them.

So instead of going the easy route, getting that same-o purple t-shirt or jersey or something like that, why not get them something they never even knew they needed?

Admit it, you need these, too.

1. TCU Hover Helmet

(Yeah, the video doesn’t have the TCU helmet. Boo.) Someone actually invented this. It’s a helmet that, according to Amazon, “levitates and spins in mid-air continually.” You can set it on your desk for the purpose of purely staring at it. Take. My. Money.

Where to get it: Amazon

2. Giant 2011 Rose Bowl Ticket

Winning the 2011 Rose Bowl was amazing, so of course it needs to be memorialized with a ginormous ticket hanging on the wall.

Where to get it:

3. TCU Bamboo Headphones

Beats by Dre? Please. These headphones say “TCU” and are made with bamboo. You ask, “Why?” The answer is, “Because.”

Where to get it: Amazon

4. TCU Dooney & Bourke Purse

Because all Frog fans need to be fabulous, there’s a whole series of TCU Dooney & Bourke purses. Check ‘em out in the link below.

Where to get it: TCU bookstore

5. TCU Fire Pit

Perfect for use when recruiting starts heating up.

Where to get it: Amazon

6. TCU Spatula

When you need to cook up wins, a TCU spatula is exactly what you need. There’s also a bottle opener at the end. Tailgate win.

Where to get it: Amazon

7. TCU Bluetooth Selfie Remote

This remote connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can take selfies from up to 30 feet away. Not only does it get rid of that obnoxious selfie stick, but it also says “TCU” on it.

Where to get it: Amazon

8. TCU Flash Drive

It’s. A. Horned. Frog. Flash Drive. Yes. You. Need. It.

Where to get it: Amazon

9. TCU Bluetooth Speaker

Remember when “Amp It Up” was TCU’s football slogan (man, that was a great season...)? Now you can amp up Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” (because you obviously can’t get enough of that song) on a TCU Bluetooth speaker.

Where to get it: Amazon

10. TCU Bluetooth Receiver

More Bluetooth! This little thing can turn any other little thing into a Bluetooth enabled thing. Just plug it into a phone, tablet or any other gadget and boom! Bluetooth.

Where to get it: Amazon

11. TCU Stadium Serving Tray

Things just taste better when they’re served on a replica of the Carter. Riff Ram Bah Zoo.

Where to get it: TCU bookstore

12. Texas-Shaped TCU Cutting Board

First off, it’s shaped like Texas. Second off, it’s shaped like TCU. Those two things make this wood cutting board worthy of cutting your meat on it.

Where to get it: TCU bookstore

13. TCU Totem Pole

Yes, you need a TCU totem pole in front of your house. Don’t even ask why.

Where to get it: Amazon

14. TCU Helmet Desk Caddy

Here’s a fun little knickknack that can hold your pens, markers and other office supplies. There’s even a little sliver for business cards.

Where to get it: Amazon

15. TCU Rain Boots

This one’s for you, TCU girls. These purple rain boots are way cute.

Where to get it: Fanatics

16. TCU Dog Jersey

Woof Ram! Dogs need some Horned Frog spirit, too. This TCU dog jersey should get your four-legged friends ready for game day.

Where to get it: TCU bookstore

17. TCU Bow Tie

Bow ties are cool. Purple bow ties that say “TCU” on them are cooler.

Where to get it: Fanatics

18. Super Frog Golf Head Cover

You can trust Super Frog to keep your driver nice and safe. Plus, he’s just so dang cute.

Where to get it: Amazon

19. Lego-Style Super Frog

Here’s a little something for the kids...OYO made this Lego-style Super Frog to go with the rest of its TCU football sets.

Where to get it: Amazon

20. TCU Toothbrush

Bet you didn’t even know a TCU toothbrush existed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Where to get it: Amazon