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TCU guard/forward, Jada Butts, gets a shoutout from Sage Steele

When your career hero tweets you...

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

TCU guard/forward, Jada Butts, is a sports broadcasting major who hopes to one day be in the same shoes as one of her favorites, ESPN's Sage Steele.

So anyway, this happened:

Now that is a dream tweet right there. Pretty much the equivalent of me getting a tweet from Sam Ponder, which has never happened, but ah well.

Butts is already putting some work in at TCU and some of her videos can be found on YouTube. Having experience playing basketball at a collegiate level is already a boost to her resume. Here's to hoping she makes it on ESPN someday so we Frog fans can say we knew Jada Butts before she became Jada Butts.

Check out this video reel of her work below: