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Southern California Purples

It's a little hard to Feel the Frog in California at the moment, but some bright spots are on the way!

Horned Frogs in Southern California (January 2011)
Horned Frogs in Southern California (January 2011)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

There's a song by Chicago Transit Authority (a.k.a. Chicago) from their very first album released in 1969 called "Southern California Purples."  I used to think it was just a break up song, but now I'm starting to wonder if one of the guys in the band was a TCU alum. These lyrics (slightly paraphrased) sum up exactly what it feels like to be a Horned Frog fan in Southern California right now...

Cloudy every morning

Sun don't never shine

Cloudy every morning

Sun don't ever shine

Since I lost my (Horned Frogs)

I been losing my mind

Great Frog in the Sky

TCU Magazine contest winning photo of Horned Frog Cloud over Santa Barbara by Warrior Horned Frog

Since the stunning climax to the 2015/16 Football season and my story about attending the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, I've been in a bit of a slump - trying to put together some interesting stories but feeling more than ever the frustration of that "diameter of Pluto from Fort Worth" thing. ("Every now and then I know it's kinda hard to tell, but I'm still alive and well!") To illustrate my point, here is the COMPLETE Spring 2016 Schedule for the Horned Frog teams from ALL Spring sports that will appear in California (excluding Women's Tennis and Polo trips to Stanford that already happened):

Men's Golf - Palm Desert Feb 19-21

Women's Golf - San Diego St Mar 21-23

Men's & Women's Outdoor Track - Mt Sac Relays Apr 14-16 (I am hoping to get down there for one of those days.)

Men's Golf - El Macero Apr 15-17

Men's Outdoor Track - USATF Junior Championships, Clovis Jun 24-26

Yep. That's it.

Very little TCU Baseball will appear on TV out here, and even less Basketball.  California Horned Frogs can only wait for Baseball Regionals and Super Regionals on TV, and the possibility of a TCU appearance in a California hosted Super Regional. Also those occasions that TCU plays a Top 10 Basketball team on TV.

So, are we feeling a little So Cal Purple? You bet.

HOWEVER, Southern California (and farther afield?) Frogs, you DO have an opportunity for a fun event this Saturday February 20. The TCU Alumni Los Angeles group will be gathering with folks from the other Big 12 schools for a mixer with food and drinks, basketball, billiards, and good times. All 10 Big 12 teams will be playing that day so there will be plenty of basketball action to go around! Details on the TCU Alumni Los Angeles Facebook page.

GAME TIMES (Pacific):

Baylor at Texas - 11:00am

Oklahoma at WVU - 1:00pm

Kansas at KSU - 3:00pm

TCU at ISU - 4:30pm

Texas Tech at OSU - 6:30pm

After it September yet!?!