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Kyle Porter commits to Texas

The MVP from Katy's state title picks Texas over TCU.

Many thought when Darius Anderson signed in late January, it would be the nail in the coffin for Katy's Kyle Porter to go elsewhere–likely Texas. Turns out, the conversation was right. After the weekend, many had Porter going to TCU after a big push from Sonny Cumbie, so Texas fans got a pleasant surprise this morning when it was announced the MVP for Katy's state championship would commit to the Longhorns.

The offensive MVP from Katy's state title, Porter is a physical runner, and a runner who begins to pick up a lot of speed once he's to the second level and in the open field. In addition to running the ball, Porter is also a fantastic blocker, and also possesses a keen capability to catch the ball.

Great pick up for Texas.

Stay tuned for new tomorrow and find out where Tyrie Cleveland, among others end up.