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WATCH: Doctson talks NFL Combine training

Josh Doctson says training for the Combine feels like training for a track meet.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Can we just talk about how great it is to see Josh Doctson back up to speed? He's been working extremely hard to get healthy for the Combine, and it seems as if he's done just that.

Doctson was featured in a video by sports equipment company SKLZ, talking about what it was like to train with EXOS for the NFL Combine.

He said it was little different from what he was used to -- training for the 40-yard dash, for example, made him feel more like a track runner than a football player.

"Little things all the way down to, when you're coming out of your stance as a receiver, your eyes are up and you're driving. Being a track athlete for the 40, you've got to have your eyes down. So it's a little different. Just more mechanics like that. Technique I have to use that I never really had to use as a receiver. Just becoming what the scouts want to see. Making sure that there's nothing that you can throw at me that I'm not going to be ready for."

We'll get to see the results of Doctson's training when wide receiver drills start on Saturday.