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Tyrie Cleveland signs with Florida

The Houston standout picks Florida over the Frogs.

The Houston receiver who exploded into the mainstream conversation in the last month or so has decided to attend to Florida over TCU. Cleveland was recently committed to Houston, but over the last few weeks, rumors flew around that he was no longer in contact with Tom Herman's squad. Though he attended high school at Westfield, Cleveland is originally from the north part of Florida–this is one of the many reasons no one is shocked by his decision this morning.

At 6'3", it's not hard to see why Cleveland was so sought after by Arkansas late, and why Florida made such a hard push at the end; he's physical, fast, athletic receiver, whose lean frame will only appreciate as an asset once he gets on campus and starts hitting the weight room. Cleveland's football intelligence is well above-average, and his ability to read coverages as well as he does is rare for how young he is.

Cleveland skyrocketed in rankings over the past few months, especially towards the end of the 2016's recruiting season, and became one of the most sought-after receivers, if not players, in the entire country. Last March, Cleveland was an A&M commit, but even then Alabama, Arkansas Oklahoma, and TCU had a very keen eye on him.