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Innis Gaines is officially a Horned Frog

The safety from Beaumont could be an early-impact player.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

TCU is known for taking defensive players and turning them into absolute monsters, and if any recruit in the 2016 class fits that mold, it's Innis Gaines. Rated as a 3-star safety and the No. 41 safety in the 2016 class by the 247Sports Composite rankings, at first glance Gaines seems like an average recruit.

When coupled with the fact that he only held two other offers from P5 schools (Arkansas and Utah), it seems like Gaines is "just another guy." But we all know that it's these kids that Patterson's defense thrives on.

And when you dig slightly deeper, you realize that Gaines was probably vastly under-recruited. While the 247 Composite Rankings, which compiles rankings from across multiple recruiting sites, has Gaines as a very average player, things change when you look at his 247 ranking. 247Sports, not the composite ranking, has him listed as a 4-star recruit, the No. 8 safety in the nation, and the No. 34 recruit in the state of Texas.

Obviously, rankings only carry a player so far, but he's clearly flashed something to earn that rating.

That something is fantastic range, athleticism, and vision, that could make him an incredible addition to TCU's secondary.

Keep an eye on this kid.

Welcome to the #FrogFam, Innis!