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Audie Omotosho signs with UCLA

The receiver from Plano chooses UCLA over the Frogs.

It's easy to see why TCU was attractive for Omotosho, and vice versa. The Frogs threw to 16 different players in 2016, 10 of whom had over 100 yards. You're going to get passes playing in the Meacham-Cumbie offense, and you're also, when you're young, going to get time to cut your teeth; which means (a) you get early playing time, but you're also (b) going to get time to learn, and not have significant pressure looming over you early.

The 6'2", 185-pounder shows catapulting off-the-line the speed, as well as really soft hands. The latter of which I think is his best characteristic; and when you watch his highlights you'll see how these soft hands allow for him to make the big plays he's makes time and again.

With TCU's depth at wide receiver, especially with the No.1 JUCO receiver in Taj Williams coming on, you feel like Omotosho wants to go somewhere where he can have a more immediate impact. Best of luck to him.