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TCU vs. Kansas: A Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk

We caught back up with Rock Chalk Talk for one more preview of the Jayhawks before this morning's showdown!

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The Frogs are set to battle the 7th-ranked Kansas Jayhawks once again this morning after a series of close contests. We caught back up with misterbrain of Rock Chalk Talk to talk about the recent state of affairs surrounding Kansas basketball and what the Frogs need to do to keep things close today. Be sure to check out my half of our Q&A right here!

1. The Jayhawks are 3-2 since the two teams faced off about three weeks ago. How has your perception of this year's KU team evolved in that span? With Oklahoma facing a more favorable schedule down the stretch, can Kansas still win the Big 12?

They still play both teams that are ahead of them in standings, although playing at Oklahoma is not going to be easy at all.  But while it is mathematically possible to get back to the top, it's not going to happen if this team can't get their act together and play consistently from one game to another.

Wayne Selden is the epitome of this, getting 33 points in the game against Kentucky and only 7 against Kansas State.  Frank Mason is an awesome defender, but is being used so much that his effectiveness swings wildly.

2. Last month's contest was a bit closer than most expected, as the Jayhawks only beat TCU by seven at Allen Fieldhouse. In fact, the last four games in this series have been decided by a combined 24 points. I asked you this in our first Q&A, but reinforce it for us, what do the Frogs need to do to keep things close on Saturday?

Show up?  I mean, I don't know what it is, but these two schools just seem to play each other close no matter the sport or the discrepancy between the strengths of the teams.  Kansas Football had no business sticking close the Horned Frogs in either of the last two years, but they did.  This basketball team is in better position, but it still seems like they should have lost by more than they have.  Ultimately, Kansas just doesn't seem to have the killer instinct of years past, and the game is probably going to be really close no matter how well either team plays.

3. With as dominant as Kansas has been at home, it comes as no surprise that all four of KU's losses are away from Allen Fieldhouse. What have you noticed about Kansas at home vs. Kansas on the road?

Honestly, Kansas hasn't looked that much different in either location, they've just been mediocre.  The opponent really seems to be the team affected by the location, and this team isn't playing well enough to overcome a hot performance by a home team on a roll.

The thing is though, this team is talented enough to break out of this funk at any moment. The hope is they do it in time to pick up some big road wins in conference.

4. I hate to add fuel to the fire, because I feel like this is a non-issue, but it has been dominating the media over the last couple of days. What do you make of Brannen Greene's last-second dunk against Kansas State and Bill Self's postgame comments from Tuesday evening? Do you think Greene's availability against TCU will be impacted?

Self has already said that Greene is not going to be suspended, but really I think I just don't care enough about it to make it a big deal.

I mean, it's a college kid who plays a decent amount, knowing the game is over and his actions meaningless.  We all see players continue to shoot a 3 or dunk after the play has been whistled dead, and Greene's dunk has the same feel to it. Unfortunately, he just forgot to make sure the clock ran out completely first.  I'm guessing he wishes he could redo it, but I can't fault a kid playing a game. Besides, it's not like he tried to chicken-wing an opponent on the way to the rim.

5. Finally, give us your prediction for how things go on Saturday afternoon. Can the Frogs keep things close once again, or will the Jayhawks come away with a big road win?

I think both things happen. Kansas needs this to have any shot at the conference title, so any win will be big. But TCU will keep this really close, and the fans will probably get their hearts ripped out when the Jayhawks go on a late run to win the game.  Kansas 68, TCU 66.


Big thanks to misterbrain and the guys over at Rock Chalk Talk. They have tons of great gameday content over on their site if you'd like to read about today's contest from a different perspective! Who knows, if the Frogs can pick up just one win in the Big 12 Tournament like last season, we could see Kansas again for the sixth time in the last two seasons.

Stay tuned as we're only a few hours away from tipoff!