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TCU cheerleaders race across Schollmaier dressed as sumo wrestlers

It did not end well for the blue one.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The TCU women's basketball team won its opening game in the WNIT, and it was all fun and happy and good.

Meanwhile, another contest was brewing, between the red sumo wrestler and the blue sumo wrestler. It was a race they had trained their whole lives for, and that day, all the long days of sweat and tears would all come together for this one defining moment.

They took off, bobbling down the court. Halfway down the line, the red sumo wrestler's hat tumbled off her head. But she kept going.

As they neared the finish line, suddenly, the blue sumo wrestler slipped. She slid onto her back, but by then, it didn't matter -- she had already crossed the finish line.

She made it. They both did.

The race was close. Both won, probably. (Ronnie Baker would know.)

Fictional narrative aside, the people inside the sumo suits were actually TCU cheerleaders entertaining the crowd during a timeout. Gotta love it.