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Jamie Dixon is the leader to become TCU's next basketball coach

Could the unreachable prize actually be within reach?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

TCU seems to have a frontrunner to be their next basketball head coach, and it's a name a lot of people are going to get on board with.

According to sources close to CBS Sports' Gary Parrish, Jamie Dixon is considering an offer to become TCU's next head basketball coach. Of course, Dixon is getting paid very handsomly at Pitt, and our own RobGordon has noted that his buyout is potentially north of $5 million, which is a steep price to play.

Of course, acording to Parrish' report, TCU would work out the financial details to ensure that Dixon was not shortchanged for making the jump to the Big 12.

Dixon has a lucrative and longterm contract with Pittsburgh. But, a source said, TCU is willing to "make the money right" in the sense that Dixon is not being asked to take less to move from the ACC to the Big 12. It's just a matter of whether he wants to stay put for a 14th season at Pittsburgh or get a fresh start at his alma mater, according to a source.

Dixon played for the Horned Frogs from from 1984-1987, and has long been the unreachable prize for TCU basketball fans. In his 13 season as Pitt's head coach he's taken the Panthers to the NCAA Tournament 11 times, including this season as a 10-seed.

Beyond playing for the Frogs, Dixon was also integral in TCU receiving a bid to join the Big East, which TCU accepted, just prior to TCU's move to the Big 12.

Obviously there are a lot of moving parts here. We'll work to keep you updated as we get more info. Other names rumored to be in the mix late last week were Brad Underwood at Stephen F. Austin and Chris Beard at Little Rock.