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WATCH: Video evidence Luken Baker is a unicorn

Lupton Magic, everybody.

So there's this new "person" on campus. You may have heard of him. His name is Luken Baker.

Baker is one of those rare ones who's good at both pitching and hitting. He has the lowest ERA on the team (1.03), the third-highest batting average (.359) and has hit three home runs on the season.

So let's put this together:

  1. Rare.
  2. Possesses seemingly magical powers.

This can only mean one thing.

Luken Baker is a unicorn.

Need video proof? Well! Here's his grand slam in the first inning against West Virginia on Sunday. This ain't no Denny's grand slam.

Luken Baker's grand slam helped guide TCU to the sweep of West Virginia.

A video posted by TCU Baseball (@tcubaseball) on

Yup, definitely a unicorn.

He also probably works hard and has great coaches and that sort of thing. But the unicorn theory is very plausible.