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Frogs O' War Pod: An interview with Paul Zeise from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Jamie and Felts host this spur of the moment episode, as they go in depth on TCU's hiring of Jamie Dixon with the guy who has covered his entire career at Pitt.

No, you weren't dreaming. Yes, TCU actually hired Jamie Dixon to be the next head basketball coach. Now, let's talk about it.

Paul Zeise has been with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette since 1998, and he's been covering Pitt since 2001. For those counting at home, that's two years BEFORE Jamie Dixon was hired as Pitt's head coach, meaning Zeise has been up close and personal with Dixon for a long time.

Who better to talk to then about all things Jamie Dixon? Jamie (Plunkett) and Andrew Felts chat with Paul to get an in-depth look at the full timeline of Dixon's hiring, his relationship with Pitt, his coaching style, and his character. Zeise provides fantastic insight into the move, and how it could be beneficial to all parties involved.

Give it a listen below. It'll also be available soon on our iTunes page. (Yeah, it's the old logo because I haven't updated Blog Talk Radio's Frogs O' War profile yet. My bad)