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A Fight to the End: Oklahoma 75, TCU 67

The Frogs did everything they could to upset of the Sooners, but couldn't stop OU down the stretch

The Frogs refused to let OU have it their way
The Frogs refused to let OU have it their way
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The first five minutes of this game went a long way to show that the Frogs still had some pride and weren't willing to let the Sooners simply walk over them, as the Frogs jumped OU passes and provided fierce defensive pressure to lead to fast breaks on the other end and building a quick 12-5 lead.  Although Oklahoma would come storming back, as you'd expect from the #6 team in the nation, the Frogs hung with them throughout the game and would've had a good chance of pulling the upset if OU had ever gone cold.

In a game where TCU actually had a pretty decent night from the charity stripe, the biggest difference was shooting beyond the arc, as the Frogs clanged again and again in their attempts to close the gap, while Oklahoma shot 50% from three- about TCU's usual free throw percentage and continually stymied TCU's attempts to switch up the defense.  Trent Johnson's 2-3 zone just isn't effective when a team is hot from behind the arc, but this was a pretty solid performance from the entire TCU team that just ended up a bit short- if we'd managed this level of effort in previous games, we may well have won a few more games this year.  Frog of the game was Brandon Parrish, who keyed the early runs for the Frogs and kept up with national player of the year candidate Buddy Hield almost point for point.

Now the Frogs will have to earn the right to play more basketball, going into the Big 12 tournament as the 10 seed and kicking things off against Texas Tech on Wednesday.  Both games against the Raiders this season were close to the end, so there's definitely a chance that the Frogs could at least do their part to help burst Tech's tournament bubble.  Until then- Go Frogs.