What is the greatest TCU-themed Twitter hashtag of all time?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Social media has allowed Horned Frog fans around the world to stay connected in a host of situations, whether in real time during a sporting event, during recruiting season, or during the summer break, to name just a few.

On Twitter, several hashtags have taken on a life of their own, which spawned a healthy debate last week as to which among them was the greatest. Many are fan-inspired hashtags such as #FrogFam and #RiffRam. Others were inspired by the players themselves, such as #SlapHands (Kevin Cron got this started, I think?) and #BrightSide (Dylan Fitzgerald attracted national media attention when he caused this one to trend during the Alamo Bowl). A staple for the past couple of years has been the baseball team's #ToadToOmaha.

To settle things, below are a list of 18 or so TCU-themed hashtags that have appeared on Twitter. My thought is that we take the top eight after voting ends and convince our glorious leader Jamie Plunkett to seed them and put them in bracket format so we can settle this once and for all.

Please note there is also an "Other" category in case any have been overlooked.

Happy voting!

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