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Frogs in the Pros: April 3-10, 2016

Our baseball Frogs started the regular season with great pitching, a couple homeruns, and a new team for a hometown favorite.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a look at how the 7 MLB Frogs faired the week of April 3-10, 2016:

Jake Arrieta (P/Chicago Cubs) -  Last year's Cy Young Winner debuted on opening day this year with a visit to Anaheim.  In 7 innings, he allowed just 2 hits and a walk.  He struck out 6, and helped the Cubs to a 9-0 win.  On April 10, he faced Arizona and pitched another 7 strong innings.  He allowed 8 hits, including 2 home runs for a total of 3 earned runs.  He also hit a homerun in the top of the 2nd to bring in Miguel Montero.  The Cubs walked away with a 7-3 win.  Arrieta's ERA is currently 1.93, with a WHIP of .79.  You can see more stats from his 2016 season here.

Matt Carpenter (3B/St. Louis Cardinals) - Carpenter opened his season away at Pittsburgh.  In 4 at bats, he only had 1 hit, which brought home Yadier Molina for the only run of the game for St. Louis.  They lost 4-1.  In the second game of the series, Carpenter was able to get on base and score on a grounder by Matt Holliday in what ended up being a close game, with the Cards losing 6-5.  The final game of the series saw Carpenter strike out twice, but he did have a pretty sweet double play from 3rd base.  St. Louis lost 5-1.  The Cardinals visited Atlanta next, and Carpenter had another nice double play.  Unfortunately, he didn't have much luck batting, and he tried to push it to 2nd on a single to deep right field in the top of the 7th, only to be tagged out.  The Cardinals still pulled off the 7-4 win.  The 2nd game of the series saw Carpenter double to deep right in the 2nd to bring in Carlos Martinez.  He was able to score in the top of the 4th on a sacrifice fly to left by Brandon Moss, and he managed to get on base in the 7th but couldn't make it home.  The Cardinals won 12-2.  In the 3rd game of the series, Carpenter had a hit in the 3rd and was brought home by Stephen Piscotty.  He also hammered a homerun to right center to bring home Greg Garcia and Aledmys Diaz.  The Cardinals left Atlanta with a series sweep and a final score of 12-7.  Carpenter's AVG is currently .217.  For more stats from Carpenter's 2016 season, click here.

Andrew Cashner (P/San Diego Padres) - Cashner played his season opener against the Dodgers.  In 4 innings, he allowed 6 hits and 5 runs, including a home run.  He also walked 2 while striking out 5.  The Padres lost 7-0.  Rumor has it the Rangers had their eye on Cashner this season, but concerns about the health of his arm delayed any deal.  Would you want to see Cashner back in Texas?  Can he be an asset to the Rangers?  Let me know in the comments!  His ERA is currently 11.25 with a 2.00 WHIP.  For more of Cashner's stats, click here.

Brandon Finnegan (P/Cincinnati Reds) -  OK, first of all, let's not get confused.  Yes, Finnegan is still with Cincinnati. No, he's not back on the Royals. Yes, the ESPN people need to update his roster photo on their site. But I digress...

Finnegan's season started at home against Philadelphia.  In 6 innings, he allowed 3 hits and 2 earned runs, but struck out 9 and walked 1.  The Reds managed to squeak out a 3-2 win.  Finnegan's ERA is currently 3.00 with a .67 WHIP.  For more on Finnegan's MLB season, you can go here.

Bryan Holaday (C/Texas Rangers) - Of course, TCU fans are excited to have Holaday return home to Texas and play for the Rangers.  Holaday seemed pretty excited, too.  While he didn't play in the Rangers' opener at home, he made his debut in the 3rd game of the series against Seattle on April 6.  Unfortunately, he didn't have a whole lot of luck, and the Rangers lost 9-5.  Holaday went on the road to Los Angeles, where he managed to hit a double in the top of the 7th, bringing home Elvis AndrusRougned Odor brought Holaday home on a single to right, and the Rangers won 4-1.  In the final game of the series, Holaday struck out twice in a 3-1 Rangers loss.  His AVG is currently .111.  You can find his MLB stats here.