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TCU News: Football Questions Far From Answered

The quarterback question is one that will be asked all off-season, but the linebacking corp seems to be becoming a strength.

TCU Football:

TCU QB race starting to look like 2014 all over again | ESPN

Yes, it's another A&M transfer trying to steal the job from an incumbent that didn't quite own the job when given opportunities. But this is a much different battle than Boykin and Joeckel from two years ago.

“It’s the same thing that happened two years ago,” Patterson told last week. “We didn’t know until a week and a half before the first ballgame that Trevone was going to be our starter. Won’t be much different this year.”

TCU QB Situation in Flux Without Trevone Boykin | Today's U

Wait, is there a quarterback controversy in Fort Worth? Who knew?

Right now, the competition is entirely speculative. According to coach Gary Patterson,the onus is entirely on them before a starter is announced, telling the Dallas News, “They have to decide. Not me. They’ll have to decide how good they have to be. They have to take ownership.”

Claeys wishes Gophers-TCU series had started one year later | Star Tribune

The Minnesota game in 2014 was a sort of coming out party for the new look Horned Frogs, and the victory was a major point of contention for those arguing that TCU deserved a playoff spot. But the Gopher coach brings up a good point as to how delaying the series a year could have helped his team.

"If you’re at the right timing in your program and you have some upperclassmen and kids who’ve played well, you don’t mind playing a game like that. But at the same time, if it’s a year where you’ve replaced a bunch of people, playing one of the top five teams in the country, opening up, I don’t think is in your best interest."

Why TCU hasn't named starting QB for 2016 | Dallas Morning News

Newy Scruggs conducted a chat Wednesday, and brought his thoughts to the table.

Why name Kenny Hill the starting quarterback and possibly lose Foster Sawyer to transfer?  There is no need to name a starter in April.

With every major piece returning, TCU's linebacker corps is overflowing with potential | Dallas Morning News

Injuries rendered the men in the middle vulnerable a season ago, but Gary Patterson found some hidden gems and developed existing talent to the point that the position should be a true strength this year.

If linebackers were a red flag for TCU in 2015, then they will be a red flag for TCU's opponents in 2016. The fact that Howard, Summers and Wilson were able to perform at that level with little-to-no meaningful experience offers a glimpse at their potential this season.

Analyst's favorite player's in the draft include a local college prospect | Dallas Morning News

Josh Doctson has continued to rise up draft boards on the strength of his Combine and Pro Day performances - as well as his off the field character and work ethic.

I usually have reservations about prospects who come from nontraditional college offenses that don't translate well to the NFL, but I don't have that worry with Doctson. This young man was born to play wide receiver, and you see it in his football intelligence, fluid movement patterns and playmaking ability.