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TCU loses a superhero, Rylan Macomb

Rylan Macomb always had a smile to support the Horned Frogs.

Samantha Calimbahin

The Frog Fam lost a superhero as Rylan Macomb -- a 6-year-old fan who had been battling Leukemia -- died Friday afternoon.

His dad posted to Instagram on Friday evening:

"It is with the heaviest hearts and the most tears we have ever cried to announce Rylan passed away this afternoon. We are devastated and in the most shock you can imagine. We had found out this morning that Rylan had beat cancer for the 4th time and in remission, but this afternoon he had fatal acute event that caused blood to fill up his lungs causing his heart to stop and not breathe. It all happened in a matter of seconds. We are at peace knowing Rylan did what he said he was going to do here, and by God he did it."

Rylan was better known as "Smilin' Rylan" for his bright smile and faithful support for the Frogs.

The TCU women's basketball team "adopted" Rylan as their own, and back in August, the team held a #Reps4Rylan event that asked everyone to do workouts like jumping jacks and push-ups to encourage Rylan to be strong.

The Frog Fam came out in full force showing support for Rylan's family after his death. Women's basketball coach Raegan Pebley tweeted:

Coach Schlossnagle may have been focused on the Shockers as his team was taking on Wichita State, but his buddy Rylan was not far from his mind:

TCU's favorite Mrs (and unofficial campus mom) felt the pain as well, and sent her love to the Macombs as she remembered Rylan:

It's obvious by the sheer volume of tweets and messages sent from across the Frog Family to the Macombs in this deeply sad time that this young man had a huge impact on the world in the short time he graced it with his presence. As big a fan of TCU as Rylan was, he had even more people that were a fan of his.

Rylan was always smilin' for the Frogs. Now Smilin' Rylan is in a place where the smiles will never end.

We love you, too, Rylan.

* special thanks to Jason Macomb and his family for allowing us to share Rylan's story here. Jason said that Rylan was as big of a fan of TCU as any student, alumni, etc - and I don't doubt that at all. You can send your thoughts to the family via twitter, where Jason uses the handle @jamacomb.