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WATCH: Dude Perfect breaks 11 world records inside Schollmaier Arena

The YouTube stars set off to make history using the Schollmaier Arena as the stage.

Dude Perfect/Whistle Sports

The YouTube trick shot phenoms from Dude Perfect were seen filming something involving basketballs at TCU back in April. Now we have discovered what it is!

As it turns out, the guys were breaking random, outlandish world records inside the Schollmaier Arena, like the World's Longest Basketball Shot Made with Your Head (37.125 feet) and the World's Longest Blindfolded Hook Shot (55 feet).

Seriously. The Guinness World Records people were there.

And as if headers and blindfolds weren't wild enough, it gets even wilder. The Dudes Perfect broke 11 world records with Whistle Sports and Guiness World Records. Check out the full video below.

Now how about we break some school, conference and NCAA records at the Scholl, yes?